Get Error when restoring database in Sql Server 2008 R2

     When I restored a database I got an error: “The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database”. I was every confused because I have done this operation many times. It never got error before.

     When you encounter strange error, it’s the chance to learn new knowledge. So I search on the internet and find the solution.

In the past times, I restored database with several steps:

1. Created a new database with a name;

2. Selected the database and restored from device;

3. Selected the backup file in your computer;

4. Selected “Overwrite the existing database”;

5. Clicked “Ok” and it would be restored successfully;

     But now I can’t restore successfully with the same steps’ change some steps as follows:

1. Select “Databases” and select restored database in the right menu; (You don’t need to create a new database)

2. Select “Restore from device” and find the backup file in your computer.

3. Input your database name on the textbox left behind “To database” label;(See the follow picture)

4. Clicked “Ok” and it would be restored successfully;

     These two ways seem have no different, but when I use the second way, the error doesn’t reappear. I still don’t know why, if someone know the true reason, please tell me.